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Adress: yazdiha St, valadabad Town, karaj , iarn
Postal Code:3184868688
  tel:  +98 2636302118 
fax: +98 2636303500 
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The company in 1368 with the cultivation and thus increase the level of high volume harvest and also attempt to improve the quality of agricultural products exports of main agricultural products, fruits and vegetables Seyfi be. Exporting commercial products including Seyfi, vegetables, fruits and vegetables is new. and export products of this unit standard level of quality and excellence of the same that caused markets in Europe and Asia and the Persian Gulf the way around to find. the Persian Gulf and Arabic incomparable between countries and currently United States Arabic, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar, continuing daily exports is established. this commercial for the export target countries can be competitive with other countries, so far as any of the products in bulk has not issued but designed using the packaging industry could cart and exclusive special boxes inside and outside the country which has capacity to produce highly variable and various colors are so great that any form of product packaging more than 7 and are available in various Sayzbndy the same causes always demand the best quality products and customer Shyktryn package is offered that increase customer satisfaction has been caused.
This non-commercial exports its products to distribute products within the country and not neglect the need for products to suit market demand to each city to carry fruit and vegetables to the city to act. We are also ready for remotest parts of the country to send crops. the same market and provide fields for Tehran and Karaj and daily shipments of all agriculture seasons and is sent weekly

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