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Adress: yazdiha St, valadabad Town, karaj , iarn
Postal Code:3184868688
  tel:  +98 2636302118 
fax: +98 2636303500 
Email: info @ mirjalili.biz

mirjalili Services

Export of fruit and ready to Trbar Europe.
Export of Persian Gulf countries.
Export to countries in Central Asia.
carrying on the export of container Sylh smell Ykhchaldar special transport agricultural products.
transportation by aircraft on European countries.
Special packaging and carton Sbdhayy Vanhsary in volume and with changing and varied capacities.
Preparation time send all parts of the country.
importing fruits to suit every season and the internal market .
Purchase products and garden crops orchardist from all parts of the country.
Shopping for sales preparation and packaging carton manufacturers orchardist and fruit and Vegetables


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